Yellowfin Grouper, P.I. is written and created by Matt Deitchman and Jed Feder. Matt and Jed met at Northwestern University where they became fast friends. The pair has been collaborating since 2010. Their band, Late For Lunch, graced many Chicago bar stages in the early 2010s. Their first full-length musical, Beowulf, Lord of the Bros, was produced by North Carolina State University in 2017. Matt and Jed are also both multi-instrumentalists and actors, and the pair has also collaborated on dozens of theatrical productions over the span of their partnership. Most recently, Matt was the music director and Jed was the drummer for the new Off-Broadway show Trevor.

Yellowfin Grouper, P.I. LIVE was a smash evening at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on June 5th, 2022. More footage is coming soon! Season 1: Fish Out of Freshwater is available wherever you listen to podcasts, and season 2: 24 Karat Goldfish is currently in development!

Meet the Season 1 cast!

Jed Feder

Yellowfin Grouper, P.I.

"That's Yellowfin Grouper, P.I. to you."

Matt Deitchman


"I'm a fish out of freshwater!"

Tiffany Tatreau


"I'm not a sea-sponge. I've got eyes."

Brandon Springman

Turtle and the Orcattas

"It's how I stay afloat! Ha-Cha!"

"Take one step closer and your friend sleeps with the humans."


Jumbo the Shrimp

"Clues are my favorite!"

Rob Feder

Brain Coral

"How small the minds of fish are..."

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